Learning English with our Global Institute

English is a recognized language all around the world. With the crazy times that we live in (the COVID-19 pandemic, rising oil prices) we wanted to empower you to learn English from anywhere across the world, from the comfort of your own homes. We have created some fantastic courses, for beginner and intermediate level students, where we integrate GCSE material into our course, which will help you at school and generally enhance your knowledge of the English language on a professional level. We aim for all our students to become fluent English speakers, who will be able to take English exams confidently and learn how to utilize the English language in a way that benefits them later on in life.

Authentic Learning Materials & Environment

We have hand-picked some of the best beginner and intermediate books to learn English from. We have designed lesson plans that will make it fun and easy for you to learn English and generally we provide a friendly community of English learners who all interact on Zoom to generate the best results for your English learning journey.

Co-operative Learning:

We want you to interact with your fellow classmates, make friends from different parts of the world and work together to achieve your goals. Fun fact: the word “scaffolding” in pedagogy means when one student who is progressing more in learning helps another student who is slightly behind. In other words, co-operate with your classmates, have fun and learn together!

Founder and Administrator

Say Hello to our Founder


Stelios Komodromos

English Language and Literature
Hello there! My name is Stelios and I live in Nicosia, Cyprus. I am the proud founder of this global institute and I studied English Language and Literature for five years at the University of Nicosia. In my time at the University of Nicosia I have gained many skills when it comes to analyzing literary works, examining the ins and outs of the English language and I will be the co-ordinator of the lessons, working together with my excellent teachers to provide you with the best education. I want you to have fun and excel!

Our Teachers

Say Hello to Our Team


Kateryna Osadcha

English Tutor
My name is Kate, and I’m an English tutor. My job is to show you that the English language is not that complicated. Or, perhaps, it is a little bit, but together we can blossom forth. Our lessons will be fun and easy-going, as they will be based on your interests and goals. Let's take the bull by the horns!

Toma Golub

English Teacher
I am an enthusiastic English teacher. I have obtained a degree in translation studies (English and German). My teaching experience includes both individual and group classes. In my work I use the communicative approach to make classes interactive and effective to boost your skills